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26-02-2018 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Bosch establishes division for connected mobility services

Growth market: mobility as a service Bosch CEO Denner: “Connectivity is fundamentally changing how we get from A to ... more

16-02-2018 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Bosch Security Systems to become Bosch Building Technologies

Renaming effective March 1, 2018 New name reflects greater portfolio breadth Names of legal entities to remain unchanged ... more

16-02-2018 | Slovenia | Corporate News

How Bosch is transforming driving with connected services

Bosch will be showcasing these mobility services at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018 From sharing to multimodal: services for stress-free ... more

30-01-2018 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Bosch significantly increases sales and earnings

A successful business year in 2017 Sales increase to some 78 billion euros Result from operations climbs to 5.3 billion ... more

11-01-2018 | Slovenia | Corporate News

CES 2018: Bosch sees future in smart-city business

Smart solutions for better air quality, and for more security and convenience Stefan Hartung: “For a long time, the ... more

11-01-2018 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Car, we have to talk! Bosch puts the voice assistant behind the wheel

“Bosch is putting an end to the button chaos in the cockpit. We turn the voice assistant into a passenger,” ... more

23-11-2017 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Bosch ends the project “Will Bosch build me a house?” with festivity and honoured 25 years of Bosch’s presence in Slovenia

25 years of Bosch’s presence in Slovenia. Kindergarten children have built 150 birdhouses and feeders during the project, ... more

09-10-2017 | Slovenia | Corporate News


15-09-2017 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Research collaboration between Bosch and Bayer turns farms digital

Smart farming: sustainably clearing fields of weeds Herbicides are only used where they are really needed Farmers can use ... more

04-07-2017 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Mobility for metropolises: Bosch’s future lies in the smart city

Bosch Mobility Experience 2017 – #BoschME Technological solutions for better quality of life in cities Bosch vision ... more

09-05-2017 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Good start to the year: Bosch improves sales in all business sectors and regions

New conceptions of mobility, new perceptions of technology First-quarter sales in 2017 up 12 percent Target sales growth ... more

11-04-2017 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Bosch and Daimler are working together on fully automated, driverless system

Development alliance aims to make market launch of a system for fully automated, driverless vehicles possible by the start ... more

16-03-2017 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Artificial intelligence: Bosch teaches cars how to learn and take appropriate action

Bosch CEO Denner: “Automated driving makes roads safer. Artificial intelligence is the key to that. We’re making ... more

27-01-2017 | Slovenia | Corporate News

Business year 2016: connectivity keeps Bosch on growth course

Artificial intelligence rounds off IoT expertise Sales grow to 73.1 billion euros EBIT reaches some 4.3 billion euros Mobility ... more

05-01-2017 | Slovenia | Corporate News

CES® 2017: The Internet of Things is getting personal – Bosch focuses on intelligent assistants

Connectivity is reaching the next phase of development Struth, member of the Bosch board of management: "With personalization, ... more